Information about the coming annual meeting in the Adslev family

Our next meeting will take place on Saturday, 2nd of June 2018. Please, save the date already!

We will meet at the facilities in Adslev, as usual. There will be a welcome ceremony by the stone from 1936 and we will sing a few songs.

Afterwards, we all drive to Aalekroen close by Svejbæk. To reach Svejbæk we drive through Ry along Julsø.

You can find out more about Aalekroen at

Please contact a member of the board if you need a lift. Then we can arrange carpooling. You can find a contact form at our website:

By April 2018 you will receive an invitation to the annual meeting.

Non members are also very welcome at the annual meeting. If you are a non-member and need an invitation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.